How to Take Good Care of Your Modular Kitchen

Anything that you own needs care and attention. Be it your mobile phone or modular kitchen. A modular kitchen offers great space to hold everything required even in a small area. From your utensils to small and big jars, you can hold them all conveniently if you have the modular form of kitchen. Apart from offering space, they also come in a wide variety of styles, colours and designs that make them a blessing for Indian homes. With so much to offer, they need to be maintained well. Though they are low on maintenance but a few precautions can easily make them last longer than usual. So, if you are planning to have a modular kitchen or already own one, read the care tips mentioned below to give your gorgeous kitchen an aesthetically beautiful and new look for always.


Keep a check on the opening and closing mechanism

The doors and drawers of the modular kitchen tend to get jammed when not used regularly. So, even if you are not using all the drawers to pick up stuff every day, make a habit of opening and closing all of them every 15-20 days (especially the ones that are not used much).


Keep the Chimney Filter clean

If there are no windows in your kitchen, then the chimney is the only passage for the smoke to move. Which means keeping it clean becomes mandatory. The filter in the chimney can get blocked because the air it sucks contains grease, dust and more that can hugely effect the suction capacity of the filter, no matter how good the quality is. If the filter is not cleaned regularly, it may result in permanent damage.

Avoid overloading the drawers

Never ever overload the drawers of your modular kitchen. They are made of hold a maximum weight of 70 kgs and may crack down if overloaded. Even if you are not overloading them leaning on them, you may loosen the channels that may hamper the opening and closing mechanism of the drawers. So, make a point of never overloading on leaning on the drawers.


Avoid leaning on the panels

Why I am asking you to avoid leaning on the panels of your modular kitchen is because they secured using hinges that can break down when exposed to extra weight. One should take special care of the open panels if you have it in your modular kitchen design. The hinge can get dislocated and the repair may cost you a fortune.

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