Tips on Keeping the Bookcase Organised

Even if gadgets start ruling the world, the love of paperback and hardcover books is hard to forget. Someone who loves holding a book while reading would never come to terms with those electronic book readers available these days. For them, the fragrance between the pages’ matters. Another thing that matters to them is the organisation of the book rack that holds their precious books. So, if you are someone who loves to own books and keep them on a display, these bookcase organisation hacks would help you set the mood right. Let’s get going!

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Clean ‘em up

If you are an avid book reader, chances are that you already own a bookshelf or two. To give your bookshelf a clean and an organised look, the first thing you need to do is to take out everything and dedicate some time in cleaning it. Regular cleaning agents can effectively remove acquired dust from your bookshelf and give it an all new look instantly. Not only the bookshelf, your books would also need some dusting if they have been sitting in the same place for years. Don’t forget cleaning the curios and display items as well.

Divide and rule

Having a huge pile of books is common when you love reading. Evaluate your so called collections and give away the ones that don’t interest you anymore (it’s hard but you have to do it). Well, well, if it’s impossible for you to say goodbye to your lovely books, then sort them according to their cover condition and give those books a new hardcover that has lost their charm over the time. Another thing that you can do is to sort them according to your need. For example, keep all the books related to sports in the living room on that TV unit and the inspirational ones tucked neatly in a books shelf in the meditation room. Dividing them author wise is also a good idea.


Be Smart, Buy Smart

When buying a bookshelf online or from the market, check whether the racks are adjustable or not. Adjustable racks help you accommodate even the biggest and thickest books easily on the bookshelf neatly. You can even give your bookshelf a jumbled look by giving each shelf a different height. Even the small spaces between the shelves can be interestingly used to keep small decorative items.

Accessorise it

Juts books and nothing would make your space feel like a rack of a library. Add some charm to it by placing a few potted plants, framed photos and more. This technique would surely bring out the best of the looks and your space would be loved by all.

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