Creating a Japanese Style Dining Room

Japanese culture is surrounded by modesty and simplicity. Minimalist and simplistic designs are the two key features of Japanese style home décor. They harmonize every piece of furniture with nature by maintaining the perfect balance of ying and yang. Thousand years of traditional values have influenced their architecture and interior design aesthetics, resulting in peaceful and serene designs. Japanese style revolves around clean and uncluttered living, retaining to minimal furniture.

The traditional Japanese culture believes that sitting on the ground while eating keeps us close to mother nature. It imbibes empathy and respect in one’s nature. If you want to bring in that tranquil decorating touch to your home and to your dining area, here are few tips to follow.

  • Space and light: Japanese interior designs make beautiful and optimum use of space and light. You can install traditional Japanese shoji / sliding screens beside your dining area (if your space allows) which lets the natural light in without the sun’s glare. It creates a peaceful tea-house ambience. And for evening purposes use circular lamp shades or hanging lights for an authentic look.
  • Flooring: You can use Tatami, a type of flooring mat made from rice straw. It is the signature floor mats used in Japanese décor. A Tatami mat will give your dining area a scenic Japanese look. If, this does not suit your décor, you can also try wooden flooring.
  • Dining table: Most of Japan’s furniture is low to the ground for they believe in simplicity. You can replace your usual dining table with low floor ones which are easily available online. Mostly, it is available in earthy and wooden colours. You can also avail low floor glass dining tables with wooden borders for classy and modern touch.
  • Seating: Japanese style décor incorporates floor cushions or Zaisu chairs in their dining area. Zaisu chairs are the traditional way of sitting which has a back and cushions but no legs. If you are not comfortable with this big transition, then you can also integrate poufs or low stools with your dining table.
  • Dishware: It is one of the important elements which will offer you a completely authentic Japanese dining experience. Beautify your dining table with Japanese style cookware like porcelain bowl sets, chopsticks, cast iron tea sets and much more.
  • Décor: And last but not the least, add a little bit of traditional décor for an elegant Japanese style dining set. Hang scrolls with Japanese calligraphy on your accent wall, add bamboo plants and lanterns for a completely energized and lively décor.

Follow these simple tips and you will undoubtedly create a Japanese zen dining area at your home. Remember, keep it simple and clean. Let, the energy flow harmoniously into your dining area, and enjoy a blissful dining experience.


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