Pros of Modular Kitchen Design

Kitchen is the heart of every home. But, it can be a havoc if you are dealing with a messy kitchen every now and then, unable to find space to keep your essentials. And this is where modular kitchen comes to your rescue. It is a term used to describe modern kitchens which are fitted with modules of cabinets focused to maximize free space and effective usage of space.

Let’s take a look at the various advantages that a modular kitchen has to offer.


Easy to install, re-install and un-install

This is the most attractive feature of a modular kitchen design. As it has a module system, it can easily be sent for repair, movable from one home to another without any discomfort, and re-assembled in your new space easily.

Customized cabinets

All the cabinets designed in a modular kitchen are customized to your available space, usage, and budget. Everything from the material to the knobs and counter-tops can be tailor made which offers a unique look to every space.


Space saving shelves

Modular shelves or cabinets increase storage space. They are the real space savers even in the smallest of apartments. You can utilize even the most cramped up corner. Depending upon your requirement and budget, you can freely choose from a wide range of shelving systems.

Ease of work

Modular kitchen furniture is manufactured at factories which saves the time and the hassle of carpenting at home. It’s just a matter of few days or weeks (depending upon your location) from the time you place an order till the time it is installed. It is undoubtedly one of the major factor that draws people towards a modular kitchen, apart from the chic look.

Look & Feel

Modular kitchen designs offer chic, contemporary and an elegant look to the overall interior. The various designs shown in magazines are truly amazing. Can you just imagine having that customized for your kitchen, it’s simply superb! The organized feel and clutter-free look is definitely something to crave for.

Perfect fit for appliances

With modular kitchen designs you don’t have to worry about your appliances. They come with built-in features to fit all your kitchen appliances from gas stove, chimney, microwave, etc., which surely calls for efficient working and decluttering.

With all these advantages in bag, who would not want to create a spacious and beautiful kitchen.


Creating a Japanese Style Dining Room

Japanese culture is surrounded by modesty and simplicity. Minimalist and simplistic designs are the two key features of Japanese style home décor. They harmonize every piece of furniture with nature by maintaining the perfect balance of ying and yang. Thousand years of traditional values have influenced their architecture and interior design aesthetics, resulting in peaceful and serene designs. Japanese style revolves around clean and uncluttered living, retaining to minimal furniture.

The traditional Japanese culture believes that sitting on the ground while eating keeps us close to mother nature. It imbibes empathy and respect in one’s nature. If you want to bring in that tranquil decorating touch to your home and to your dining area, here are few tips to follow.

  • Space and light: Japanese interior designs make beautiful and optimum use of space and light. You can install traditional Japanese shoji / sliding screens beside your dining area (if your space allows) which lets the natural light in without the sun’s glare. It creates a peaceful tea-house ambience. And for evening purposes use circular lamp shades or hanging lights for an authentic look.
  • Flooring: You can use Tatami, a type of flooring mat made from rice straw. It is the signature floor mats used in Japanese décor. A Tatami mat will give your dining area a scenic Japanese look. If, this does not suit your décor, you can also try wooden flooring.
  • Dining table: Most of Japan’s furniture is low to the ground for they believe in simplicity. You can replace your usual dining table with low floor ones which are easily available online. Mostly, it is available in earthy and wooden colours. You can also avail low floor glass dining tables with wooden borders for classy and modern touch.
  • Seating: Japanese style décor incorporates floor cushions or Zaisu chairs in their dining area. Zaisu chairs are the traditional way of sitting which has a back and cushions but no legs. If you are not comfortable with this big transition, then you can also integrate poufs or low stools with your dining table.
  • Dishware: It is one of the important elements which will offer you a completely authentic Japanese dining experience. Beautify your dining table with Japanese style cookware like porcelain bowl sets, chopsticks, cast iron tea sets and much more.
  • Décor: And last but not the least, add a little bit of traditional décor for an elegant Japanese style dining set. Hang scrolls with Japanese calligraphy on your accent wall, add bamboo plants and lanterns for a completely energized and lively décor.

Follow these simple tips and you will undoubtedly create a Japanese zen dining area at your home. Remember, keep it simple and clean. Let, the energy flow harmoniously into your dining area, and enjoy a blissful dining experience.

Advantages of Wall Shelves in Your Home

Wall decoration has come a long way and wall units or wall shelves have come across as stunning winners. A wall shelf is a perfect addition to your home for creating impressive design using prized belongings and getting clear of the mess. In simpler words, a wall unit design is perfect for making your space attractive and also endowing it with a neat appearance. They are crafted to provide you a place wherein you can easily put all your display stuff. Many of us believe that wall shelves or wall units are an asset which should always be part of any décor while some of us only put them in use when they run out of space to keep their commodities. Following are some advantages of wall shelves in your home.


A Decorative Item for your Wall

Giving a decorative vibe to your blank and dull walls, a wall unit design is a clever and usable idea. Usually empty walls in a home can really make your surroundings low-spirited and grey. The addition of a wall shelf can help you display different things like photo frames, medals, souvenirs and more to keep your room a refreshing touch.

Brings Out a Tidier Atmosphere

If your room is always in a mess, it might never be welcoming. This is mostly seen in kid’s room wherein things are always scattered around giving it a messy look. A wall unit is the best solution to all these problems. You can keep their toys on the shelf after they done playing to avoid a lot of clutter at the end of the day.

A Great Space Saver

Wall unit design come with a huge advantage of saving space in any room of your home. They are wall mounted which further leaves you with a lot of floor space. This space can be used for other furniture items. Measure the space where you wish to hang the wall shelf to choose the best size without losing the beauty of the room.

Belongings are More Accessible

Wall shelves are a perfect structure which allows you an easy access to stuff. With utter ease, one can pick and put back things they want without creating any fuss around. A wall unit design can be chosen with different sections which can be used for various things in a single piece. Before purchasing a wall shelf, make sure that the size of the shelf is complementing the size of the wall.

Tips on Keeping the Bookcase Organised

Even if gadgets start ruling the world, the love of paperback and hardcover books is hard to forget. Someone who loves holding a book while reading would never come to terms with those electronic book readers available these days. For them, the fragrance between the pages’ matters. Another thing that matters to them is the organisation of the book rack that holds their precious books. So, if you are someone who loves to own books and keep them on a display, these bookcase organisation hacks would help you set the mood right. Let’s get going!

bookshelf online

Clean ‘em up

If you are an avid book reader, chances are that you already own a bookshelf or two. To give your bookshelf a clean and an organised look, the first thing you need to do is to take out everything and dedicate some time in cleaning it. Regular cleaning agents can effectively remove acquired dust from your bookshelf and give it an all new look instantly. Not only the bookshelf, your books would also need some dusting if they have been sitting in the same place for years. Don’t forget cleaning the curios and display items as well.

Divide and rule

Having a huge pile of books is common when you love reading. Evaluate your so called collections and give away the ones that don’t interest you anymore (it’s hard but you have to do it). Well, well, if it’s impossible for you to say goodbye to your lovely books, then sort them according to their cover condition and give those books a new hardcover that has lost their charm over the time. Another thing that you can do is to sort them according to your need. For example, keep all the books related to sports in the living room on that TV unit and the inspirational ones tucked neatly in a books shelf in the meditation room. Dividing them author wise is also a good idea.


Be Smart, Buy Smart

When buying a bookshelf online or from the market, check whether the racks are adjustable or not. Adjustable racks help you accommodate even the biggest and thickest books easily on the bookshelf neatly. You can even give your bookshelf a jumbled look by giving each shelf a different height. Even the small spaces between the shelves can be interestingly used to keep small decorative items.

Accessorise it

Juts books and nothing would make your space feel like a rack of a library. Add some charm to it by placing a few potted plants, framed photos and more. This technique would surely bring out the best of the looks and your space would be loved by all.

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How to Take Good Care of Your Modular Kitchen

Anything that you own needs care and attention. Be it your mobile phone or modular kitchen. A modular kitchen offers great space to hold everything required even in a small area. From your utensils to small and big jars, you can hold them all conveniently if you have the modular form of kitchen. Apart from offering space, they also come in a wide variety of styles, colours and designs that make them a blessing for Indian homes. With so much to offer, they need to be maintained well. Though they are low on maintenance but a few precautions can easily make them last longer than usual. So, if you are planning to have a modular kitchen or already own one, read the care tips mentioned below to give your gorgeous kitchen an aesthetically beautiful and new look for always.


Keep a check on the opening and closing mechanism

The doors and drawers of the modular kitchen tend to get jammed when not used regularly. So, even if you are not using all the drawers to pick up stuff every day, make a habit of opening and closing all of them every 15-20 days (especially the ones that are not used much).


Keep the Chimney Filter clean

If there are no windows in your kitchen, then the chimney is the only passage for the smoke to move. Which means keeping it clean becomes mandatory. The filter in the chimney can get blocked because the air it sucks contains grease, dust and more that can hugely effect the suction capacity of the filter, no matter how good the quality is. If the filter is not cleaned regularly, it may result in permanent damage.

Avoid overloading the drawers

Never ever overload the drawers of your modular kitchen. They are made of hold a maximum weight of 70 kgs and may crack down if overloaded. Even if you are not overloading them leaning on them, you may loosen the channels that may hamper the opening and closing mechanism of the drawers. So, make a point of never overloading on leaning on the drawers.


Avoid leaning on the panels

Why I am asking you to avoid leaning on the panels of your modular kitchen is because they secured using hinges that can break down when exposed to extra weight. One should take special care of the open panels if you have it in your modular kitchen design. The hinge can get dislocated and the repair may cost you a fortune.

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Elevate the Level of Professionalism in Your Office with a Folding Study Table

A folding study table can save a lot of your space and offer you the perfect solution for all your storage requirements at your workspace.

If you have a study at your house, then it is very important that you have the right furniture that will instill that professionalism and inspiration in the environment. Your study needs to have the feel of an office and the warmth and comfort of your house. The only way you can ensure that is by buying the right study table for the room that will blend perfectly with the interiors and the style of the room. So if you are looking for a folding study table, there are many online stores on the internet where you will find plenty of authentic and exquisite designs.

study table 1

Getting Access to the Files

All these designs are made with the sole purpose of giving the room a professional feel and a design that will surely enhance the features of the interiors. It will not only increase your concentration and instill positivity in you but will also help you to keep everything organized. So if you have a lot of files and documents that you need to keep in your study, then you need to get the specifically designed tables that have additional drawers and racks for such storage purposes. So you can easily get access to all the documents while you are working on your laptop on the table.

study table 2

Ample Space for Work

Even though these tables can be placed at any corner of the house and can even be used as study table for kids, the designing of the structure is done with the sole aim of providing the user with a professional and office like environment. So you can expect ample space on the table top to keep your laptop and all the documents that you require. You can also keep all your books and accessories on the various shelves that are attached to such tables. Along with the folding study table, you will also find various folding laptop tables in these online stores.