Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts for Shoe Racks

Shoe rack is one of the most common furniture item which is seen in every household. A shoe rack is usually placed outside the home, inside the home at the main entrance or in next to your closet. Footwear is an essential item in our life style and storing them in the right manner is very important. There are a few Feng Shui rules for doing the same and following the do’s and don’ts are directly related to good luck and wealth.

The Right Height

There is an ancient Three life forces theory per which the house has three parts, i.e., heaven, middle man and earth. The shoes are meant to get dirty and they carry a lot of dirt. A shoe stand that carries these old shoes come under the earth section which is the bottommost. Feng Shui believes that if a shoe rack or a shoe stand comes till the middle section which is the man, it will affect the entire household. So, if your existing shoe rack design is following the middle section, try moving all the new shoes to the topmost section and all the old ones to the bottom. You can buy shoe rack online to get options for the right height.


Tiers and its Type

Feng Shui recommends you to buy a shoe rack design which is enclosed and not open. This is to keep the shoes hidden and eliminate any type of odour from the shoes. But make sure there is some sort of small opening for ventilation so that no bad energy is trapped.

The rules of Feng Shui states that there should be five tiers in a shoe stand design which represent the five elements of living, i.e., water, wood, fire, earth and metal. You can choose a shoe rack design with less tiers but do not go beyond the number four.

No Placing Shoe Rack in the Bedroom

Usually keeping the shoe rack in the bedroom near your closet is for mere convenience. Although Feng Shui says this is not a desirable practice. The bad energy exhibited by the shoe rack can be highly impactful on the bedroom and might cause trouble in marriage. So, it is always recommended to keep the shoe rack off the bedroom.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

It is very important to keep your shoe rack neat, tidy and arranged all the time. Cleaning the shoes or dusting off the rack every few days not only removes the bad odour but also keeps the negativity out. Also, make sure to throw out old shoes from time to time.

No matter how many Feng Shui rules a home follows to bring in good luck, not paying attention to your shoe stand might not give you the desired results. So always follow these rules to bring in health and prosperity into your home.


Pros of Modular Kitchen Design

Kitchen is the heart of every home. But, it can be a havoc if you are dealing with a messy kitchen every now and then, unable to find space to keep your essentials. And this is where modular kitchen comes to your rescue. It is a term used to describe modern kitchens which are fitted with modules of cabinets focused to maximize free space and effective usage of space.

Let’s take a look at the various advantages that a modular kitchen has to offer.


Easy to install, re-install and un-install

This is the most attractive feature of a modular kitchen design. As it has a module system, it can easily be sent for repair, movable from one home to another without any discomfort, and re-assembled in your new space easily.

Customized cabinets

All the cabinets designed in a modular kitchen are customized to your available space, usage, and budget. Everything from the material to the knobs and counter-tops can be tailor made which offers a unique look to every space.


Space saving shelves

Modular shelves or cabinets increase storage space. They are the real space savers even in the smallest of apartments. You can utilize even the most cramped up corner. Depending upon your requirement and budget, you can freely choose from a wide range of shelving systems.

Ease of work

Modular kitchen furniture is manufactured at factories which saves the time and the hassle of carpenting at home. It’s just a matter of few days or weeks (depending upon your location) from the time you place an order till the time it is installed. It is undoubtedly one of the major factor that draws people towards a modular kitchen, apart from the chic look.

Look & Feel

Modular kitchen designs offer chic, contemporary and an elegant look to the overall interior. The various designs shown in magazines are truly amazing. Can you just imagine having that customized for your kitchen, it’s simply superb! The organized feel and clutter-free look is definitely something to crave for.

Perfect fit for appliances

With modular kitchen designs you don’t have to worry about your appliances. They come with built-in features to fit all your kitchen appliances from gas stove, chimney, microwave, etc., which surely calls for efficient working and decluttering.

With all these advantages in bag, who would not want to create a spacious and beautiful kitchen.

How to Take Good Care of Your Modular Kitchen

Anything that you own needs care and attention. Be it your mobile phone or modular kitchen. A modular kitchen offers great space to hold everything required even in a small area. From your utensils to small and big jars, you can hold them all conveniently if you have the modular form of kitchen. Apart from offering space, they also come in a wide variety of styles, colours and designs that make them a blessing for Indian homes. With so much to offer, they need to be maintained well. Though they are low on maintenance but a few precautions can easily make them last longer than usual. So, if you are planning to have a modular kitchen or already own one, read the care tips mentioned below to give your gorgeous kitchen an aesthetically beautiful and new look for always.


Keep a check on the opening and closing mechanism

The doors and drawers of the modular kitchen tend to get jammed when not used regularly. So, even if you are not using all the drawers to pick up stuff every day, make a habit of opening and closing all of them every 15-20 days (especially the ones that are not used much).


Keep the Chimney Filter clean

If there are no windows in your kitchen, then the chimney is the only passage for the smoke to move. Which means keeping it clean becomes mandatory. The filter in the chimney can get blocked because the air it sucks contains grease, dust and more that can hugely effect the suction capacity of the filter, no matter how good the quality is. If the filter is not cleaned regularly, it may result in permanent damage.

Avoid overloading the drawers

Never ever overload the drawers of your modular kitchen. They are made of hold a maximum weight of 70 kgs and may crack down if overloaded. Even if you are not overloading them leaning on them, you may loosen the channels that may hamper the opening and closing mechanism of the drawers. So, make a point of never overloading on leaning on the drawers.


Avoid leaning on the panels

Why I am asking you to avoid leaning on the panels of your modular kitchen is because they secured using hinges that can break down when exposed to extra weight. One should take special care of the open panels if you have it in your modular kitchen design. The hinge can get dislocated and the repair may cost you a fortune.

For more related to modular kitchen read at http://www.housefull.com/modular-kitchen-designs

Online Stores Provides Option to Buy Chest Of Drawers Online

Every bedroom needs a chest of drawers for maximum convenience. You can buy chest of drawers online from the online furniture stores after choosing one that meets your fancy.

A chest of drawers is a very vital piece of furniture for the bedroom. People keep their clothes and everything they wear in the clothes cabinet or the chest of drawers. The cabinet for the clothes is suitable for hanging your suits and shirts so that they can hang straight down. But keeping folded clothes in the cabinet is not convenient at all because they have a chance of getting rumpled and of losing their creases. You can buy chest of drawers online to meet your needs. It is better to keep the folded and ironed clothes in the chest of drawers as their creases will remain intact when they are out there.

chest of drawer1

Making better use

You can allocate each drawer for a different set of clothes. You can keep your shirts and trousers in one while you can put your underclothes in another. In this way, nothing gets mixed up and you which drawer to open for the apparel you want. You can use the top drawer for keeping your watch, wallet, jewelry and other pieces of valuable items that you use regularly. The online furniture shop sells various kinds of chest of drawers for different purposes. The chest of drawers with a low height can be used to keep soiled clothes or for keeping socks stockings.

chest of drawer 2

Variants of furniture

You can sit on them while you put on your socks or stockings. You can keep decoration pieces, table lamps and flower vases on the top of the taller variety of chest of drawers. The chests of drawers available with the online stores are made from different kinds of wood. The number of drawers may vary from two to six. The drawers may be in a row as found in the chest of drawers with low heights. They may have drawers on one side and shelves on the other. You can browse through their website and buy chest of drawers online after selecting a model that suits your other bedroom furniture.

Book Great Looking Slider Sofa Bed Online India

Sofa cum beds are very good utility furniture. At present, it is possible to purchase the sofa bed online india. The sliders are good options.

The sofa beds are very popular in small size apartments and also in studio apartments. It can accommodate you or your guests in the evening or morning as a sofa and can accommodate them in the night as a bed. You can now get grand finished sofa bed online india. Previously all sofa cum beds were folding types. In the upright position, it is a sofa and once you recline the backrest to from its upright position to horizontal position it assumes the shape of a bed. All these types of utilities were usually made of the metal body to sustain the load.

sofa bed 1

Metal or wooden

The present solutions are sliders. The metals are still in the fray and evolved in time to compete with its wooden colleagues. You can now get metal sofa cum bed online india with great looks. The wooden sliders are beautifully crafted and elegant looking utility furniture. And most of the sliders have space for keeping odd things, though the storage capacity is not very much, still it will give you two full-size drawers to keep your odd utility items there. For example it can accommodate your entire toolkits and leave enough space to keep more items in one compartment; you can store other things in the next compartment. Keeping two quilts or rugs in two compartments is also a good idea.

sofa bed 2

How to pay

Before, going to payment mode you must select the right model for your apartment. If your fund permits, you can go for the sliders for their multiple utilities. Moreover, if you are in a studio apartment now and have a plan to change it for a more spacious apartment the sliders can be used in your living room. It is easy to pay once you have selected the product. You can pay cash before or cheque before delivery or can pay through your debit or credit cards at the time of final order. Keep your sofa cum bed clean and follow the instruction manual to extend its lifespan.

Discover Bed-Designs with Online Bed Shopping Stores

Beds are essential furniture items. These items are available in a myriad of styles, materials and sizes. Visit an online bed shopping store to explore the varieties.

Are you looking for great a great bed to decorate your dream bedroom? But then you do not have time to visit all those furniture stores to get the perfect product. Moreover, you are looking for exclusive designer stuff that would suit the modern interiors of your place, and the usual bulky furniture is a complete no-no for you. Bed sets are undoubtedly your first lookout as they as basic furnishing and a lot of the interior decors depend on the size and style of bedding you are picking. Well, there are too many things to consider when buying a bed and the smartest move is to visit an online bed shopping store and check out the many styles and patterns.bed 1

Size is an important factor

When you buy a bed, have your measurements first. It’s really important as beds come in various sizes, and you should know the measurement of the room that you are shopping for. There are single beds that are perfect for a single person. This goes well in the kid’s room or used as an additional bed for guests. There are the queen beds that are medium sized and are perfect for a couple of medium height and width. Queen beds are perfect for an average size bedroom and the most popular size. Then there is the king bed for those who want to go the extravagant way. These are perfect for master bedrooms that are spacious.

bed 3

Choose as per your style

The two most popular choices for bed material are metal and wood. There is an array of styles in both the materials and it ultimately boils down to your taste and preference as to which material you want for your bed. While metal beds do not have storage space, there are many beds in the wooden category that offer ample storing place. So just visit one of the online bed shopping stores and look for yourself the perfect bed design.

Know Some Important Points for Your Study Tables

Study tables play a vital role in every home décor. You must be aware of the right place where you should keep it to get the maximum benefit from the item.

0008202 Be it your kid’s room or your study room, you cannot ignore the importance of having a stylish and useful study table at your house. However, there are people who buy study tables, but are not completely aware of the right place of keeping it. There are some vital points that you should always remember while keeping this item in your room. Since, this piece is meant for some definite purpose; hence, it must be kept in a definite manner. Otherwise, you may not get the right effect of it.

In Front of the Window

You should always keep the study table near or in front of the window. There must be plenty of lights when you or your kids study. Without proper light, it can be difficult to see the books properly, and it can cause damage to your eyesight easily. Hence, it is important to find out the corner of the room where sunlight is easily available through the window. Even if the room cannot get proper sunlight, then you must arrange for some artificial light just above the study tables to supply enough lights to that place. It should be placed at a corner of the room.

0010088_1Match the Size

You should keep the size of the user in mind while buying this product for your house. If you are buying it for your kids, then you must find out something small in height according to the size of the kids. On the other hand, if the table is for yourself, then you can select something according to your height as well. Anything too big cannot be an ideal piece for your kid as she or he may not sit on the chair comfortably or may not reach the table because of that odd height. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the height of the user before you buy a study table.